How to Distribute Event Photography

If you have just started into the area of event photography you are probably looking to find out how you can start to distribute your photographs and make money or develop a strong business. There are many different ways you can distribute your event photography. To start, follow the step-by-step process below and you will see that with a short amount of time, you will begin to develop a great steady client base for your photographs.

Step 1 - Sort Through Your Photographs

Before you can even think about distributing your photographs, you need to sort through them so that you know what you have in your portfolio or your 'photo taking arsenal'.  There is absolutely no sense in just trying to send photographs out for review without knowing what you have.  If you have your photos electronically uploaded to your computer, it is so much easier. Start to sort them into photographs in the following manner:

  • Create folders for each project or event. Make sure you date the events
  • Within each event folder, create different folders for the types of photograph shoots you have taken. Remember to keep a separate folder that will display your favorites and your best photographs.

Step 2 - Call Newspaper Editors

Collect all the different names of local, regional and national newspapers by going online and doing a search for newspapers. Focus on the local newspapers first. Mark down on either a spreadsheet or a piece of paper the following information:

  • Name of the newspaper
  • Address of the newspaper
  • Editor Name
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact Email

This takes some persistence. Do not be offended if someone hangs up on you or if they tell you they are not interested. You may need to call them more than once. Find out exactly where you can send samples of your photographs and get them over to their editor.

Step 3 - Call Ad Agencies

Ad agencies are always a great place to start. Many larger agencies work with such a wide variety of different publications types and styles that they will often be more than happy to give you a chance to show them what you can do and what types of results you will produce. Find out where you can send your photos and get them off to them.

Step 4 - Keep Your Contacts Updated

Always update your contacts with the events you will be covering. Once you have proven yourself as a great event photographer, they will put you on retainer even before you attend the event. The advertising agency and even some newspapers will pay for your time just as much as your photographs.

Step 5 - Always Be Reliable

Once you have started to develop a relationship with the advertising agency or with the newspaper, you will need to be very reliable. Until you have developed a great long standing reputation, you will need to make yourself available whenever they may need you to cover an event.

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