How to Display Fine Art Photography Prints

Fine art photography prints used to spark controversy in the professional industry. Photojournalism and commercial photography were primarily the more recognized branches in the profession. But, now, fine art photography is slowly carving its niche. Photographers are getting more creative in trying to communicate a vision, perception and emotion.

Fine Art Photography Prints

Since fine art photographs don’t really find their place in newspapers or magazines, they can often be found in museums and galleries. These are the nude photographs, the abstract images, the staged scenarios and more. There is a growing audience that appreciates this art form and a growing interest among photographers to pursue it.

Displaying Fine Art Photographs

Artists often do not want embellishments to distract from their main subject and photograph. This is why it’s most common to find fine art photographs mounted on wood, pinned to the wall or glued on plywood. Fine art photographs can also be printed with a border, ready for display. It’s also custom to simply paste the prints on a plain mat board. Recently, the trend has been going towards simple thin, black metal frames and wood frames. The simpler, the better. And, it’s common practice never to put the prints behind glass.