How to Create an Art Photography Gallery with Pixiport

Being accepted for an art photo gallery on Pixiport is a major career boost for many photographers. Here is how to go about creating an art photography gallery on Pixiport.

Application Process

You will have to submit an application to be considered for a gallery on pixiport. The people at pixiport will then review the application and invite photographers from different genres such as documentary, street, fine art and others. The selected photographers get a gallery on the website to showcase their works.

There are no joining fees or any kind of commission fees on sales of any art through the website. This excludes posters and exclusive art. You will need to email three images showcasing your best work. These will need to be resized to 500 x 500 pixels and must be in a JPG format. You will need to add a biography of the artist, the artist’s statement, email address and of course the name of the artist.

If you use any operating systems other than windows, please make sure that the files are not sent in raw format; they must have a JPG extension.