How to Choose Your Fashion Photography Model

There are many factors involved in choosing a photography model. The person you choose should have certain attributes that will better your chances of attaining the perfect shot.

Choose a Natural

Someone is either a fashion model or they are not. Choose a person who will not have to be transformed into a model. Even if they meet the height and weight requirements, they may not be model material. If they look nervous after the first couple of shots, they are not a natural. They should require minimal amounts of makeup. No matter what type of camera you use, if you cake the model with lots of makeup, the resulting shots will look forced and unnatural. More information on skin, height and weight are addressed in more detail below.

Height and Weight Matter

Although not a requirement, it is a good idea to choose someone who is over 5'9". A tall person will help streamline the clothes that the model is wearing. A person with minimal curves will force the eye to focus on the clothing and fashion rather than the body. A lot depends on what the client would like. Depending on the type of clothing that is being shot, the client may want a model who has curves. This includes plus size models. As of recently, there is a growing market for plus size models; as there is more acceptance in the modeling industry for those with average bodies.

Experience Matters

Ask to see their portfolio. If a model has a wide array of experience, he or she will be more willing to submit to questioning regarding their background. Ask other colleagues who they recommend. Other photographers are often the best source for information.

Perform a Background Check

You do not want a model that stays out until the wee hours of the morning and shows up to a photo shoot exhausted. This person will require more makeup and certain lighting to avoid the dark circles and stress spots on the face. The model will also be less likely to perform to the best of their ability. Running a background check on a model will ensure that you do not hire a model that has an extensive criminal record. There will also be a better chance that the personality of the model does not clash with others members of the crew.

Choose a Fresh Face

Sometimes, the best model in the industry is undiscovered. You never know when you may run into a new model that has little experience but true talent. This type of model may also be more accommodating to your needs and commands. They are still learning and will therefore be more willing to work with you as a team.

Whatever method you use to find a model, it is advisable to find out  about them before you decide to use them in a photo shoot. Doing this will save you unecessary hassle and headache.

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