How to Choose Lenses for Commercial Photography

It is important to create creative and eye-catching pictures for your commercial photography clients. Developing a business that provides high quality photos featuring products, services, food and maybe real estate or architecture can be time-consuming, intimidating and even expensive upfront. In fact, without a proper digital lens, the pictures of products will turn out flat and uninspiring to the purchaser. The lens can and should be just as important of a purchase as the camera itself. Here are several things you must consider when choosing a lens for your commercial photography business to produce fantastic results.

Step 1 - Understand Your Cost Allocations

If your photography needs depends on a digital video camera, the lens is the single most important element needed to make sure your video shots turn out well. Therefore, as you shop for a camera and an lens, you should aim to spend more on the lens and less on the camera itself. While we are not encouraging you to purchase the most expensive lens on the shelf, you should be cognizant of the quality characteristics of the different levels of camera lens.  Everything depends on the features you plan to use. Make sure the lens you choose can handle those features well and deliver a beautiful photograph.

Step 2 - Choose Between Plastic and Glass Lenses

Remember that a lens is responsible for capturing and focusing light for your photograph. A glass lens will help you accomplish this much better than any plastic material.

Step 3 - Seek Out Brand Names

With such a critical piece to your photography results, do not purchase off brand or no name lenses. Stick to a brand you are familiar with, or a brand you have had success with in the past. Never try and purchase something just to save a few dollars, because in the long run you will regret it. In addition, keep in mind that you may need to purchase a lens by the same manufacturer of your camera. Quite often, brands cannot be mixed or interchanged. Before you complete your purchase, make sure you consult both the manual of the camera and the owner's manual of the lens to make sure they are compatible with one another.

Step 4 - Choose a Focal Length

Not all camera lenses are made for the same form and function. Lens types consist of normal, wide angle and telephoto.  Each of these lens types characterizes a different focal length. The focal length is an important factor when in need of zoom features and functions. Select a telephoto lens if you are looking to zoom in on objects and products, and by contrast select a wide angle lens if you are merely looking to get moderately close to your subject or product.