How to Choose Lenses for a Professional Portrait

When taking a professional portrait you must be prepared to great facial expressions and moments in between two or more subjects. As a photographer, you want to have not only great skills but you want to use equipment and parts that will not only make your job easier, but that will help to produce the best possible portrait. A lens is an important component in portrait photography. You should have the right lenses for the different situations you will encounter. Here's how you should choose the lens for your portrait photo shoot.

Step 1 - Purchase a Normal Lens

A normal lens is good to use when you are looking to take a portrait of a subject and display pretty much what you are looking at. This means that the lens will give you roughly the same visual perspective that you have to the naked eye. It is a photo in its rawest form. The normal lens is a good lens when you are taking a portrait of someone and you wish to display their torso. This is not a great lens when you are looking to get in tight with the person's face and facial features.

Step 2 - Purchase a Telephoto Lens

This is one of the best lenses you can purchase. This is perfect for portrait photography. A telephoto lens simulates the use of a telescope or the use of a pair of binoculars. It brings in close, the features you want to show. It magnifies the aspects you are looking at and the aspects you wa to feature.

Step 3 - Pick Lenses with Zoom Capabilities

Your lens should have a capability to change the focal length. This gives you the photographer an ability to alter the closeness of the photo between subjects and portraits. Just like there are so many differences between individuals, the same is true for a zoom lens. Spend the extra money purchasing a zoom lens to adequately capture the different aspects and features of your subject.

Step 4 - Pick Quality

In all your lens choices, do not sacrifice picture taking quality for some of the bells and whistles. In this era of mass technology, it is easy to go for all the bells and whistles and forget about picture quality. Most amateur photographers will opt for a camera with all the things, but it will give you such a duller and fuzzier picture. Don't let price fool you.

Step 5 - Check Out Used Options

Purchase quality used lenses. You can find advertisements on online classified websites, you can see postings in newspapers and in camera shops. If you are opting to purchase a good quality camera lens but you do not have enough money for he newest model, try and find something similar in an older model that has been used. This is a great way to get experience with the different lens options.

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