How to Choose House Photos that Have More Impact

Taking house photos can be a good way for photographers to make some extra money. The beauty about taking these photos is that there is a lot of work available in this field. Unlike some other photography jobs, house photos are not seasonal.

Angling the Shot

The purpose of house photography is not to actually sell the house. In fact, it should be designed as a way to get as many people to see the house as possible. That's why it's so important that the house looks good in the photo. If there is an electricity tower or sewage plant very nearby, for example, then the photos should not show this. You should not use photo editing software because you need to capture the house as it appears.

However, you can be creative over which angle you decide to use. Experiment so that you make the house look the best it can by avoiding anything unpleasant.


Lighting is very important for house photography. You will need to take the photos in the daytime, as taking them when the light is dying down is always a problem.


The photo should show the whole house, but that doesn't mean that you can't creatively frame the shot to make it look even better.