How to Choose an Established Website for Photography

Choose a websites for your photography to be put on display and sold. While many websites will provide this service, not all will be right for you. Here is the work you will need to do to choose an established website for your photography.

Step 1 - Decide on the Type of Website

First you will need to think about what type of website is acceptable to display your photographs. You may consider building your own website or searching out other websites that show work of many different photographers. If you are going to search out established websites, take out a pen and a piece of paper and write out what types of things you may be looking for in a website. 

Step 2 - Find Websites

Next, you will want to search for websites that display photographs for sale. Start to make a list of all these websites. Along with the list of websites and website names you should also jot down where the website originates.

Step 3 - Review Website Specialties

Once you have a firm list of photography websites that you like, you will need to review what type of photography they specialize in. Some websites post any sort of stock photo and will allow you to put up and photograph whereas other websites may specialize just in outdoor photographs or abstract photos. You need to make a note of which websites are applicable for your type of photography.

Step 4 - Check Out Ease of Purchase

From the websites on your list, do you find the purchase process to be easy to accomplish. If the purchase process is difficult, then you may want to find another established website for your photography. Consumers today are impatient and they will not purchase your photographs if it is not easy for them to purchase.

Step 5 - Commissions?

Probably one of the more improtant things that you need to research are commissions. You need to review the websites thoroughly or you need to call the customer service line and find out how much money the website will collect if they sell one of your photographs. You also need to find out about an extraneous up front fees or monthly membership dues that you may be responsible for regardless of how many photographs you sell.

Step 6 - Copyright

Last, check out the copyright information on the website. If you upload your photographs you will want to make sure that you maintain full control and full copyright to all the material. Make sure you do not have to transfer the copyright to the websites.

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