How to Choose a Lens for Family Portraits

You must use the right type of lens when taking any professional photo, including family portraits. Read on to learn how to select the best lenses for your professional photography business.

Step 1 - Consider Cost

First, outline your budget. This will really help to narrow down your focus when you begin looking at the wide range of equipment.

Step 2 - Consider Zoom

A great family portrait depends widely on how much zoom ability you have. You should look for a lens that will provide you with the flexibility to zoom in on facial features and on the different aspects of your family while you are shooting their portrait. During any photo session, you want to have flexibility so that your family has the ability to choose from all different types of portraits.

Step 3 - Consider Image Quality

As you weigh the different types of lenses available to you, you want to make sure you pick a lens that has superior image quality. Because you have to depend largely on studio lighting and on man made backdrops you have less of an ability to mask the image quality by using natural light. For this reason, you need to carefully weigh the image quality and pick a lens that will give you a super crisp and sharp photograph.

Step 4 - Great Focus Ability

For family portraiture, choose and lens that will give you an ability to focus quickly. Consider choosing a lens that has an autofocus option that you can override manually if you choose. Especially when taking a young family portrait with young children, being able to zoom in and out and get a quick focus is sometimes paramount to capturing the moment that will give you the best family portrait

Remember, taking a family portrait is an artform. You need to have the best type of equipment possible to give you a great result that your clients will enjoy for years to come.

Popular Lenses: