How to Choose a Camera for Architectural Photography

Architectural photography usually involves a great deal of travel and time spent getting to know the buildings you are shooting. In order to take marketable pictures, you will need a great camera. If you are in the market to purchase a new camera for your business, here are several things you must consider.

Digital Cameras

There are 3 types of digital camera most often used in this type of profession.

  • View Camera - Minimizes distortion
  • Medium Format Camera with Digital Back - Evolved from a film camera
  • DLSR Camera - Allows for many manual changes and ideal for taking photos in quick succession

Perspective Correction

A camera that will allow you to correct your perspective is a good option if you do not know how to digitally retouch their photograph using computer software. If you have access to an editing program, however, avoid spending the extra money on this feature and use the software instead.

Ask Other Photographers

Join the national associations or ask the advice of other photographers that work in architectural photography. It is great to gather the perspective of many sources in your search for the perfect camera.

Purchase Online

Many websites offer different rebates if you purchase your camera on the Internet. Even so, some other websites will offer cash back for purchasing it online. Online purchases drive down the costs of the merchant and many of those merchants will pass along the cash savings to you, the consumer. This can be done after you have done your research and selected the camera of your choice

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: