How to Buy Photography Supplies in Bulk

If you are in need of many photography supplies, you can save money by purchasing the items in bulk. There a few things to consider before you buy, including risks associate with damaged parts or pieces of materials. Here is how you can purchase a lot of a little.

Step 1 - Check Classified Ads

The first thing you should do is check the classified ads to see if anyone is selling a lot of photography supplies. You can check both the online classified ads such as craigslist or you can check the ads in your local newspaper. You would be surprised to find what people are parting with.

Step 2 - Look for Close Outs

If you are not concerned with getting the latest styles, models or types of photography supplies, you can shop end of year or end of season close outs. While you may not be able to use some of the end of season supplies until the following year, you will be sure to pick up the photography supplies at a great bargain. You can usually negotiate these close outs to 30 and 50 percent off of the original sticker price.

Step 3 - Look for Bankruptcies or Sheriff Sales

This happens in every market place and pretty much in any locale. There are often sheriff sales for 'stuff' and bankruptcies. All of the things, the belongings and the companies materials will get sold at an auction. If you find out the date and the time of the auction, you may have the ability to bid on large lots of photography supplies for pennies on the dollar. One word to the wise, at a sheriff sale, you do not have the option nor the opportunity to survey and review the 'stuff' that is for sale. Therefore, when you purchase items in this venue you must take everything in as-is condition.

Step 4 - Go to A Bulk Supplies Place

After you have exhausted all the other options and places to look for bulk photography supplies, go online or take a look at your local yellow pages for bulk photography supplies, wholesale or outlet stores. You will find online discount stores and brick and mortar stores. Both store types will be eager to service you and try to meet your needs. You need to pay close attention and price compare with all the different bulk supplies stores. Not every item up for sale will match one another. Make sure to compare weights, sizes and quantities in all of our shopping excursions.

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