How to Build a Fashion Photography Portfolio

In order to showcase your true professional talent, you must compose a fashion photography portfolio. While it is time consuming and can be costly, it will be well worth the effort. Not only will you appear more professional, you will allow more clients to see the types of work you provide, along with your personality.


Find other photographers and ask to view their portfolio. You will be able to gain more knowledge on what is popular and you will also be able to avoid shooting the same scenes as hundreds of other photographers. Remember, you need to stand out in this business so shooting the same photographs as other photographers may lump you into the same pool. You can also get opinions from other photographers regarding your photos.

Variety is Key

While you will want to showcase the photos that you are comfortable with, include photos that include various poses, personalities and backgrounds. All of the photos do not have to be perfect. Granted, you do not want any of your photos to be of a low quality, allow some of your photos to show your weakness. You can work upon this in an interview and let the client know how excited you are to hone your skills in the area.

Choose a Theme

You can separate the photos into separate portfolios in order to showcase your personality and complexity. You can choose themes like love, urban life and family. A client who wants a certain theme for a shoot will be able to see your talent more quickly.

Print the Photos

While you will want many digital photos in order to send them to potential clients over the internet, you will also want prints of the portraits to show how the photo will look in real life. You can hand them out to several clients and include one outstanding picture that will set you apart from the other photographers in your area.

Show Off Your Work

Keep the album in your house where it can be easily viewed. This will give you an opportunity at any time to showcase your work. You never know when a potential client or model will come into your life. Take the album with you to other photo shoots or while you are out and about. Keep a digital copy online so that you can share it with other friends and family. Remember to get their input. Although not professional, they will be able to tell you what a regular person thinks of the photo. They can provide some of the best input.

Swap out the Pictures

Every couple of months, swap out the photos in order to showcase new talent and portraits. As times change, the needs change for looks and talent. When you bring out new photos, you prove to a client that you are capable of shooting a wide array of portraits.


Be proud of your work. Let the client see that while you would like the opportunity to add more photos to your work, you are happy with what you have in your portfolio.

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