How Teaching a Photography Course can Supplement Work

Once you have become an accomplished photographer, you can start to teach photography courses on different subjects. In fact, becoming a part-time photography teacher can really supplement your work and the money you make as a photographer. Getting into photography is very simple, and many could benefit from learning about your experiences and expertise.

Step 1 - Take Some Courses

Before you begin to teach or look for teaching opportunities, take a few courses at the college level (even community college) about communication, education and teaching. Try to find a course that will give you an ability to practice your skills orally. It is important to find courses that will give you a lot of practice relative to public speaking, intonation and body language. A part of teaching is not only displaying your capabilities and imparting your knowledge, but it equally requires a strong personality and a great communicator that can keep the audience in tune with your teaching subject.

Step 2 - Connect with Local High Schools

Most public high schools have really cut back the amount of time and money they put into the arts and media. However, they are always looking for freelance artists and individuals in the field to come in and teach several classes. First, contact your local school board representatives and ask them how you might go about applying for teaching positions or contract positions with individual high schools. Tell them you are an accomplished photographer in the area, and have a resume and a portfolio to show. They will likely guide you through the process of getting your resume on the desks of the principals of the individual schools. With your resume, include a sampling of your work, testimonials and above all else, show them why you are qualified to teach at the school. Keep in mind that they want to run a criminal background check before they allow you around their students.

Step 3 - Create Your Own Course in Your Studio

Develop your own photography course in your studio. Network with other new photographers in the area and tell them about your offering. If this is your first time teaching and expanding your network to other new photographers, consider limiting the pricing to a nominal fee. As you begin to spend more time teaching and as you start to develop a reputation and brand name as a great photography teacher, you can command a much larger fee.

Giving a teaching course in your photography not only will save you money in renting a space but you already have all the equipment you need to give a practical and informative lesson to your students. Consider advertising your events on an online classified medium or creating an online group that you can post and allow individual internet surfers to find your meeting class and participate. Remember to tailor your class appropriately and advertise it to a specific segment (beginners for example).

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