How Profitable is Food Photography?

Food photography can be very fast-paced, competitive and, most importantly, profitable. The most important thing you need to know is that there are hundreds of people in the business and this number is growing everyday. You need to stand out in order to win the loyalty of clients.

Start-Up Costs For a Studio

While the job can be very rewarding financially, it can also be costly. Say you have your own bare bones studio. Just to rent a studio may cost upwards of $2000, if not more. This is not to mention the electricity, heat , phone, internet and water needed. A good quality camera will help keep the customers coming back. You would not use a low quality calculator if you were an accountant. The same goes for photographers. The cost of a quality camera can be astronomical but the return on your investment will be well worth the cost.

Maintenance Costs Without a Studio

What if you do not own own a studio and only do photo shoots at the location of the clients choice? These costs can still be enormous. There is the cost of gas, vehicle maintenance and insurance. The investment of a quality car is a smart decision. Not only does the client want their photographer to look professional and classy, they want the photographer to be punctual. With a reliable car, you will avoid the embarrassment of showing up late to an appointment or having to cancel due to car failure.

Client Budget

When a client wants to hire a food photographer, they are normally looking for one for a wedding or another special event. They are normally on a budget but are willing to spend more for quality. The more shots that you take, the more likely the client is to buy your photos. All it takes is that perfect shot and the client will be spending hundreds on a single photo.


Finally, get your name out there. It can never hurt to network. When you know more people, you have more potential clients. While doing cheaper work for friends, keep in mind that you should still be making a profit, as small as it may be. It may be helpful to provide special rates for return clients. This will help to keep their loyalty and give your business regular customers.

Food photography takes more than just a camera and food. A professional photographer must have a keen eye for angles, lighting and colors. Only time and training help a photographer become more experienced in these area. A food photographer may charge well above what a normal photographer may charge because of the amount of training required to become a true professional in the field.

While it may take years for a photographer to make enough money to replace a full time job, it can be done. The first couple of years will probably be spent paying off loans for the equipment and supplies but after this time, as long as there are steady clients, the money should be one of the perks of food photography.

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