How Photography Lighting Differs from Normal Lighting

Photography lighting and normal lighting are two very different things. Read on to learn the differences between these so that you can take the best photographs. Normal electric lighting is designed to provide light to a whole room, while photography lighting is normally designed to illuminate a person or object. Studio lighting systems are very useful as they will make your photographs come to life. Good lighting can make a good photo, but bad lighting can ruin any picture no matter how beautiful the subject is.

Reasons for Photography Lighting

Studio lighting provides a nice even tone to your photographs and reduces the chances of glare and red eye. Photography lighting will make photos look much more natural and mean that you don't have to worry about relying on available light.

Studio lighting can be controlled and adjusted. If it's too dark, then the intensity of the lights can be turned up. They can also be moved and angled to create different effects. This simply isn't possible when dealing with natural and available light.

Choosing Photography Lighting

Photography lighting is different to normal lighting because it is designed to be directed at a specific subject. These are very powerful lights which generate a lot of heat. Normally these lights are a type of strobe light and are connected directly to your camera. This means that when you press the shutter of your camera it will flash the lights so that your models aren't exposed to the heat from these bulbs.

Choosing strobe lighting is beneficial because this type of lighting will not always flood the room with light. Better strobe lights have a smaller light on them so they can be positioned and aimed at the subject. The full light won't be turned on until you press the shutter.

Setting Up Studio Lighting

When you are choosing lighting systems for your studio, you have 2 main options: ceiling-mounted lighting or floor-mounted lighting. There are advantages and disadvantages with using both of these types of lighting.

Floor mounted lights are very easy to move around and direct all around the room. These lights are also much cheaper and changing the bulbs is simple. These do however mean that you will have leads trailing across your floor and this means that they are a danger, there is also a risk of knocking the lights over and damaging them.

Ceiling mounted lights are less of a danger because you don't have to worry about knocking them over. These lights are however more expensive to install and more difficult to adjust. Changing bulbs will also mean climbing up a set of ladders.

Studio lighting is very important as it will help to make the most out of the subject and make your photos look as professional as possible.

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