How Online Training Works with Total Training

Creating a presentation online or for a webinar is easy with Total Training. It can help provide a clearer step-by-step procedure and more defined information on training. It can provide valuable lessons to students, employees or to any niche audience on the web.

Access Anytime

Whenever you need help, you can get access to the information that you need just by logging in with your username and password. Choose the course that you want to tackle at that moment and hit ‘Go.’ Whenever you need help, it is easy to obtain with Total Training.

Work with the Presenter

Have a better understanding of the project by viewing how the presenter does it. Check on the project work by downloading the file. This will make it easier for the presenter to help you through the tutorial since you already have the reference material. It will also be easier for the viewer to understand the presentation better, especially if the reference material has been reviewed prior to the session.

Learn at Your Own Pace

With the easy-to-use interface, you can choose when and how to proceed with the lessons. Apart from the usual pause, play and fast forward options, you can bookmark a certain page to ensure that it can be used in the future as a reference. It can also be found easily especially when clarifications are needed. At the same time, there is a progress tracker to help instructors in evaluations.

Apart from these features, you can get updated with the up-to-date contents and features of Total Training. This software makes learning and tutoring easier and faster, minus extremely high costs.