How Much to Charge to Film Weddings

There are several things to take into consideration when deciding how much to charge while you film weddings. If you follow the ideas listed below, you may get more information regarding how much to charge for weddings.


As with most jobs, the more time it takes at the venue, the more you should charge. It follows along with the age old quote that time is money. If you are filming a short wedding, you would not charge the same as you would if you were at a wedding that took 3 hours. Clients must take into account that you could be making money elsewhere if you are doing a longer wedding so the pay should reflect this.


If you are not a very experienced at filming weddings, you should not overcharge. You will get your experience by charging low amounts of money and building you clientele. Of course, you need to make a small profit to keep you in business but if you charge too much and do not produce what the client believes to be "perfect" filming, you may regret that decision.


If you are filming for a close friend or relative, you would not charge the same as a normal client. If you want to build your client list, be sure to tell your close friends and family members that you will give a discounted price if they promise to get your name out to their friends in family. Not only will this get you more clients, this will save people money and that is a win win situation.


As stated above, discounts can be very useful in helping to gain more customers. Also, give discounts to people who have brought you clients. If a friend recommends you to a friend and they decide to use you to film your weddings, it's only right to give a discount to the friend who recommended you.


If the wedding requires you to carry around multiple items, you may want to charge more than a simple point and shoot wedding. Not only does carrying around more equipment require more physical strength and stamina, there is more stress in being sure that you have all of the equipment that you need for a wedding. Also, if a client wants a certain type of video with special effects, the price should reflect this.

Meeting with clients

You can tell a lot about a client when you meet with the clients. Ask them up front what they would like to pay and what they would like to have in a film of a wedding. You can go from there in your pricing. If they would like something that you normally charge more with, let them know of the extra cost but meet them halfway. It is much easier to keep a client happy than attempt to bring a customer back after they have been angered.

No matter how you decide to price, be sure to make it beneficial to you and the client. Keeping them happy will keep you in business for many years to come.

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