How Much to Charge for Family Portraits

Family portraits aren't sponsored by a corporation trying to sell a product or highlight their work force. They're paid for by average working people trying to preserve great memories of their family. Family portraits need to be affordable for the customer, yet profitable for you.

What's the Competition Charging?

Your potential customers are going to call a few photographers to compare prices. If you're the most expensive guy in town then they're most likely not going to come to you. But if you're the cheapest then you might not be able to cover your overhead. Find out how many portraits you need to shoot at what price to make money while keeping the price attractive.

Be Competitive

You need to assemble a large collection of backdrops and props so that your portraits can have variety instead of being the same and boring. The more dynamic your portraits look, the more likely customers will come to you.

Offer Packages

Shooting photos that look great is only part our business. You need to able to offer those portraits in different sizes. Something large to be hung on walls, medium size photos for frames, and wallet size photos for people to show off their kids are all acceptable. Perhaps you can put together an album of a parents baby in various outfits and poses.

Family portraits are all about show casing the family and in this business you need to be a one stop shop that handle the photography and assembly of packages and albums. Come up with your own packages and set a price for each one. The more copies the package offers, the more you should charge.

Offer Deals

So you shoot great portraits and have great albums. Every family will want to go to you and they will be happy with the final product. But maybe it's a little more than they want to spend. Offer deals on certain days of the month and have coupons on your website that they can print out. Just make sure you're not losing money.

Everyone likes to feel like they're getting a deal, so why not give it to them? Besides, you're still making more money than you would if they weren't your customers, and they may spread the word or give you repeat business.

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