How Does an ND Filter Work on Digital Video Cameras

ND filters are an important item for any videographer that's serious about his/her craft to have. They allow you to cut down on the light entering through your lens without adjusting the aperture. Why would you want to reduce light this way? Well, your aperture has a huge effect on your image's depth of field. So if you like the focus but think the image is too bright, then you use ND to bring it down.

How Does It Work

Depending on your camera and lenses, there are two ways to use ND filters. If you have a consumer or prosumer camera, then there are probably a couple of special lenses you can buy that screw over the lens that came with the camera. An ND filter for these cameras should be able to screw over the attachment lens.

If you have a professional camera, then you will need a different set of filters. These filters will be square pieces of glass that you can slide in somewhere at the lens. There should also be a way to tighten them into place so that they don't fall out and shatter when you're shooting. 

ND comes in several varieties, and each one determines how much light will be reduced.

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