Headshot Photographer Posing Techniques

As a headshot photographer you are probably always looking for different ways to improve the quality of your work. There are many different techniques you can use during your heashot photography studio shoot. Here are several techniques you should try at your next photography sitting. You will be amazed at how they add additional aspects to your headshot photography photographs.

Step 1 - Get the Subject Comfortable

In order to get that all illusive award winning head shot you must first get your subject to relax and feel confident about them selves. The camera will pick up on any stress and no matter how you try you will not attain the results you want.

Step 2 - Get the Subject to Dress Appropriately

Have the subject wear clothing that's not too light going for the darker shades as you want the focus to be on the subject and not on the apparel. Depending on the type of photograph wanted, whether glamorous or natural, it can be achieved by the amount and type of make up used as well as the style of clothing.

Step 3 - Select your Lighting Appropriately

Lighting plays a role in giving the subject a soft look or a stark one. This you will need to experiment with until you get the effect you want. Lighting can be indirect, from overhead, from below or what every your imagination can come up with.

Step 4 - Pose your Subject in Different Ways

Posing your head shot subject by having one shoulder higher than the other so they aren't so flat looking and turning the shoulders by angling them to the left or the right gets away from that straight on type of shot that we most often see time and time again.

Step 5 - Pose Subject Off Center from Photo

Take the photograph with the subject off center where one of the shoulders is partially out of the picture. Even cropping part of the top of the head can change the mood of the picture. Did you ever notice when people are speaking that they tilt their head to one side or the other while in conversation. Use this as part of your technique to get a more realistic true to life pose.

Step 6 - Work with Facial Expressions

As with head shots the expression on the face is important to set the mood of the picture. A smiling one can show joy and happiness and as with the other types of expressions you will see a definite mood portrayed in the picture. 

Step 7 - Use Filters

You may also use filters on the camera to give a softening effect or try ones that have a color tint to enhance or bring out a specific color.  

Step 8 - Compare with Other HeadShot Photographers

Look at photos taken by professional photographers and see if you can determine what methods are being used and how they portrayed the subject, then try and repeat what they did. The more you practice the better you will become as will your pictures.

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