Guide to Shooting Dramatic Maternity Photos

Maternity photos capture a special moment in a woman’s life when she is carrying another life inside her. Pregnant women tend to feel uncomfortable having their pictures taken during this time, but the acceptance of photographing this special moment has increased over the years. Here are some ways to capture dramatic maternity photographs.

Step 1: Ensure the Right Timing

Taking photographs during the third trimester of pregnancy is recommended over earlier trimesters. This is when the bulge around the stomach area becomes more distinct and defined. The pregnant model should be reminded to allow as much time as possible for the shoot and not to schedule any important appointments immediately after. Rushing and stressing about the time will only reduce the chances of taking any quality photographs. A sufficient amount of time is also needed to make the pregnant woman feel comfortable.

Step 2: Prepare for the Shoot

The pregnant model should look at her best for the shoot. Advise the model to eat a light snack before the session. She should not be wearing any tight fitting clothing, as these will leave marks on the body. However, form fitting tops can help show the outline of the breast region. When it comes to preparing the scene, make sure that the background does not distract the viewer’s focus away from the subject. Have several poses in mind and discuss these with the model prior to the shoot to make sure that she is comfortable with the idea.

Step 3: Create a Comfortable Environment

Pregnant women will still have some insecurities during the shoot. Make her feel comfortable and beautiful by complimenting her constantly during the session. The emotions of a happy pregnant model will show in the photographs.