Guide to Framing Photography in 5 Simple Steps

You might have excellent pictures, but you can easily enhance them with framing photography. Simply framing pictures is not enough; apt framing is what really makes the difference. Here are five simple steps to frame your photography:

Step 1: Theme Your Frame

Choose a frame in coordination with the theme of the photograph. For example, if it is a black and white picture, go for a thick black frame that accentuates the shading in the picture.

Step 2: Choose the Right Size

Pick a frame that is just the size of the photograph and not something that takes away focus and attention from the picture itself.

Step 3: Theme Your Collection

For a similar themed collection, go for similar photo frames so that the gallery looks uniform yet diverse.

Step 4: Choose the Right Color

Based on the wall color on which you plan to hang the pictures, pick frames that blend in with the colors of the background.

Step 5: Keep Them Professional

Refrain from choosing frames that are too garish or gaudy, as they usually do not gel with professional photography themes.

These are the most basic tips to begin; you can obviously add more to generate your very own signature style.