Guide to Creating Better Scenic Photography

Scenic photography is a great form of art, and the best way to create powerful images is to capture scenes when traveling on road. The best thing about scenic photography is that it is exciting, fun and lets your creativity shine. Here are some of the techniques used to create scenic photography.

Step 1: Type of Camera

The type of camera you use is important. Normal cameras generally have a fish-eye lens that produces blurry scenic images. Therefore, it is important to choose a camera with a wide angle lens. SLR, or Single Lens Reflex, cameras are the best. They are comparatively lighter and can be used with a variety of lenses for different conditions and scenes. You have the digital SLR, and the things you can do with it endless. These cameras come equipped with high resolution, resulting in better images. But, the thing about SLR cameras is that they are pretty expensive.

Step 2: Visualization

Before taking a shot, you need to observe and watch your surroundings. Visualize the scene with your camera and make a rough composition of what you want to capture in the given scene. This will include the points of interest, the focal point if any, foreground, background or the sky. Also, you need to be aware of changing scenes or movement in the scenery. You can capture movement by decreasing the shutter speed and using a small aperture opening. Think about how you can add depth to the field and make your scenic photo imaginative and interesting.

Step 3: Rule of Thirds

All cameras have a viewfinder; what you need to do is to have a graph or divide the viewfinder screen into thirds, horizontally and vertically. If you place the object of interest at in the center of the screen, then you will end up with a boring and uninteresting image. But, if you place the object on any of the intersecting lines, then you get the eye catcher. If you want to emphasize the sky, then you need to place the object on the lower thirds, and if you need to emphasize the foreground, then you place the object in the upper thirds of the viewfinder. Why is an object important? Without an object, a scene falls flat. Therefore to emphasize on a particular element in a scene, you need an object to enhance the scene and make it interesting.

Step 4: Horizon

If you need to shoot lines, like tree line by the road side, then you need to keep the horizon straight for sharp images without discrepancies. If you happen to miss this one, then you can try straightening it with the many photography related software programs like Adobe Photoshop. Another important thing when shooting a scenic photograph is the location you choose. You can either choose a location and wait for the right time to capture it or you can do the same when traveling on road. This way, you get to capture different landscapes and scenery.