Getting Photography Jobs through Website Exposure

Photography jobs are some of the most sought-after positions on the Internet. This makes landing photography gigs very difficult.

In order to get one of these photography jobs you need to learn how to improve your reputation. There are actually a number of ways to do this. The best way is of course by using the Internet.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Internet
  • Computer
  • Website Design Software
  • Photos

Step 1 - Getting a Domain Name

Your business needs to be made as professional as possible. First, you must pick a domain name. The domain name is the website address and preferably, it should be as short as possible. It's should simply be the name of business. Buying a domain name is fairly cheap. You will also need to purchase web hosting.

Finding a domain name not currently being used may be difficult.  Use a domain name search engine to search for potential names which are suitable for you.

Step 2 - Building Your Website

Next you need to build your own website. You can do this by yourself if you are capable or instead by hiring a professional website developer. Using WYSIWYG editors simplifies making websites, making it much easier than it used to be. A more expensive alternative would be to purchase Adobe DreamWeaver; the system is advanced, so buyers beware. Once you have constructed your site, make sure that you post many examples of your photography. People will judge your professionalism by looking at the quality of your website.

Your website must also contain your address and telephone number. It's best if it is located on the homepage; this makes it possible for people to get in touch with you and it also makes your site much more credible.

Any images that you upload to your site should be optimized for the Internet. Upload a smaller version so that they don't take ages to download. You can also provide a link to the full resolution file if you prefer.

Step 3 - Promoting Your Website

Millions of websites exist on the Internet, making it difficult to make yours stand out from the crowd. You will need to work hard to promote and market your website so that people actually visit it. Online promotional tools include PPC ads, posting messages in forums and simply getting the word out there about your site.

The shorter and more memorable your domain name is, the easier you will find promoting it.

Step 4 - Offline Promotion

You can also promote your website offline just as easily as on the Internet. To promote the site offline you should ensure that your website address is included on bags, photo covers and anything else that has your name on it. This will encourage people to visit your site. Also include your website address on business cards and any other literature.

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