Freelance Photographer Tips: Wildlife

If you are a freelance photographer and if you are looking to build your business around taking photographs of different wildlife, then there are some basic tips that you should know. A list of tips is as follows:

Tip #1 - Get a Good Telephoto Lens

Taking photographs of wildlife presents so many different challenges. For one, the wildlife such as wild animals usually do not get too close to the photographer and thus the budding photo taking professional must rely on a lens that will give them the ability to get as close to the subject as possible.

Tip #2 - Use a Camera with Fast Shutter Speeds

If you are looking to capture the essence of a real, living and moving animal you are likely going to face many misses when trying to take your pictures. In order to have better odds in taking the photos, you need to have a camera that has a quick shutter speed.

Tip #3 - Upgrade your Camera to a Digital SLR

Digital SLR cameras are the best type for this genre of photography. You should invest in one that will help you take good photos at a safe distance.

Tip #4 - Stay Steady

Animals are very sensitive to the slightest movement by a human being. If you have spotted an animal you want to photograph, you need to carefully and quietly get your camera into position. As you take the photographs, try to move your camera and your body as little as possible to avoid scaring away the little critter.

Tip #5 - Obtain a Permit

If you are photographing in a national park, you will need to apply for a permit. Visit the website of the national park for details on how to apply. Some will require advance notice and others will require you to pay a fee. Always be prepared before you go out looking to take shots.

Tip #6 - Practice, Practice, Practice

Before you begin your excursion into a far away place, practice your photo taking skills on your own pets (if you have them) or on your friend's pets. Go to a local park and see if you can spot squirrels or other fast moving animals and get their photos taken. Take a look at the photos once you have developed them. If they do not meet your standard, then you need to take another trip to your local park and shoot some more photos before you approach your big day when a retake just is not possible.

Tip #7 - Capture the Action

As you progress as a freelance photographer taking photos of different wildlife, start to learn how to capture real life action. Capture animals mating, or deer fighting. Do not simply settle for taking a photo of an animal that will sit in the frame of your camera while you take the picture. A great photographer develops by being able to take the things that happen in the moment.

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