Freelance Photographer Tips: Architecture

As a freelance photographer there are many different types of photos you can take. There are also many different genres of business to enter into. If you like the look of tall sweeping buildings or if you are enthralled with the lines in a sculpture then you may want to consider earning your keep as a freelance photographer specializing in the photography of architecture. Below are several tips on how to take great looking photos of different architectural pieces.

 Tip #1 - Remember the Point of Interest

While some people may think that taking pictures of buildings is an easy job to do, it really is not. In fact, it is just as hard as photographing a live and moving subject. When you take a photo of a building, you must remember that you are capturing a point of interest. This means that you need to capture the essence of the building, the surroundings and the time of year. It is very important to remember that a building is not just a building. A building is an expression of artistic talents. Capture everything you possibly can in your photo to evoke this type of emotion.

Tip #2 - Capture Pattern, Texture and Color

A building changes based on the time of day and the time of year. Capture the different parts of the building as the light and the climate changes. The lines of a building will flow and look different with different perspective. Remember that a building in a photo will never look the same.

Tip #3 - Study the Building

Before you take your photograph, study the building. Spend time familiarizing yourself with the different aspects of your architectural piece. Learn how the shade interacts with the building. See the different colors and textures. Once you have reviewed the building closely, begin to develop a list of photos you want to take and start to snap your camera.

Tip #4 - Check Copyright

Many buildings have copyrights. You need to check which steps are required in order to take the photo and claim the photo as your own.

Tip #5 - Send Samples of Your Work

Begin to develop a list of editors locally, regionally and nationally that may be interested in the work that you are doing in your freelance photography business. Find out what type of material they are currently looking for and seek out the buildings and the photo opportunities that may meet their needs. Send the editors a sample of your portfolio with your copyright on each print and elicit their feedback. You can never learn too much from other people. The best photographers grow by learning from those around them. Begin to carefully categorize each of your contacts in the business and decide how you will stay in touch with them in order to solicit their future business and develop relationships with them.

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