Freelance Photographer Equipment Needs

As a freelance photographer, you enjoy the freedom and the autonomy of running your own business on your own schedule. You can photograph portraits in a studio and you can go on location to take pictures of events or products. To do any of these jobs, however, you must have the right type of equipment. This will allow you to take a successful bunch of shots to display in your portfolio and to sell for profit. Here is a quick buying guide to help get you started.

A Digital Camera

A digital camera will give you all kinds of flexibility with taking photographs both on site and in a studio. Choose a model with which you are comfortable. Make sure the camera you choose is compatible with different lenses.

Extra Lens

Purchase one or two lenses. You should always have a wide angle lens in tow as well as a telephoto lens. These two lenses will give you an ability to shoot distances and you will be able to zoom in and take very close up photographs of your subject, without a lot of additional background detailing.

Background and Stands

If you plan on taking photographs in a studio, you will need to invest in a couple different backgrounds and stands. This is not essential if you are solely looking to take photographs at events or on location.

Memory Cards

You will need to keep many memory cards in tow in order to have the ability to take many different photographs while on location.

Purchase Batteries

Always have a bunch of batteries on hand just in case your camera's battery dies in the middle of a photo shoot.

Extra Charger

Make sure you have an extra battery charger with you. This is a good practice because you never know where you will be. Instead of continually buying additional batteries, purchase a couple extra chargers and leave one with you at all times.

Camera Bag

A camera bag is something everyone should have. If you are just starting out, purchase a bag that has a bunch of different compartments and zippers.


Purchase a printer that will give you an ability to print out some great photographs. This will help to increase your mobile sales and it will help you establish a portfolio. If you do not have enough money to purchase a printer then you always can look at outsourcing your printing.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: