Framed Art Photography Techniques

Framed art photography is very easy to display on walls and tables. By framing a piece of artwork, you are instantly protecting it from danger while still being able to enjoy it. There are a few different types of frames and techniques which can be used to display your artwork.

By framing a photo, you will also make it look much more professional. It's actually very easy to frame a photo to protect and preserve it.

Types of Frame

There are several different types of frame which are suitable for different types of photos. A digital frame is perfect for digital photos if you don't want to print them out. There are also clip frames, wooden frames and metal frames. All of these are available in different sizes and shapes.

Oval frames work well for portrait photos, while a landscape photo would be better suited in a rectangular frame. When choosing a frame, don't only concentrate on the photo but also where you are positioning it on the wall. Choosing the right frame will make your art photography look much more special.


The easiest type of frame will have the photo cut to the size of the frame. However, you can also use a mount. A mount will be a border around your photo to make it look much better.

How to Frame

Framing a photograph is very easy. First, it's a matter of taking the frame apart and then cutting the photo to size. The most important step is to clean the inside of the glass. If there are any fingerprints or marks on the inside of the glass, then it will torment you whenever you look at the photo.