Four Common Elements of Art Photography

Art photography can be used to create some unique and interesting photos. These photographs are very professional and can be used for a wide range of different purposes. It's important to spend some time looking at the different elements of art photography and how they can be used and applied to your photos.

1. Rembrandt Lighting

One popular element of art photography which can be applied is Rembrandt lighting. This can be used with any portrait photograph and is quite easy to do. These lighting effects will make the photo look more like a Rembrandt portrait painting. To do this, shine the light from an angle towards the face. Then use a reflector to reflect some of the light back on the other side of the face.

2. Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is an artistic concept which can easily be applied to photographs. Human eyes will lock onto a single point which is two thirds up from the bottom of the photo.

It's actually quite easy to use this concept to your advantage. To do this, have the subject intersecting either the top or bottom third of the photo. Try to include other interesting items at other intersecting points.

3. Composition

The composition of photography is very important. You will need to think about the balance and background of the photograph. If you are photographing artistic portraits, for example, then you will need to avoid busy or confusing backgrounds.

4. Editing

It's also possible to edit the photo using modern technology to apply traditional artistic effects. Software packages such as Photoshop and can be used to edit photos.