Finding Clients for Your Photo Studio

In order to maintain a successful photo studio, you must serve a number of clients in your business.  Advertising can be manifested in different ways, from traditional to viral and alternative forms of advertising.  These opportunities will allow you to build a foundation for your client base in order for your business to grow and flourish as a photo studio.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing has become more and more common with the introduction of advertising on the Internet, and more specifically, social online communities. These communities offer low-paying and free opportunities to netowrk with those most likely to be interested in your photo studio. 

For instance, you could easily find popular photography forums online and post some of your work. If you have a Facebook account, you could post your work into relevant groups for more exposure. Even your profile could draw some attention from friends and family, which could represent more clients from them and from word of mouth.

Online Presence

Without a successful website, it will be difficult to reach a wide variety of clients. You should have a website, which is optimized for relevant searches. For instance, if someone were to type in "photo studio" or another similar phrase relevant to your specialty, you would want your studio to be one of the top matches. You should also look at the major online directories so that you are listed in the online "yellow books" for photo studios in your community.

Paid Advertising

Perhaps the best marketing strategies is a mix of paid and viral advertising. Make sure you place money in opportunities which will count.  For instance, sending out quality samples in a brochure to homes and local businesses in the community will catch some attention.  Whatever the case may be, it is best to make your advertising money count.  Let people know the quality of work they can expect from your studio, and expose your work in various methods which will be seen.


One great way to get your photo studio some exposure is to offer deals and samples.  For instance, some photographers have taken pictures at local youth sports events, and then followed up by posting the pictures on the studio's web site.  Then the photographer would drive traffic and give potential consumers a taste of the quality of the studio.  Strategies such as these and for instance, a no obligation photo shoot, are great ways to drive people to your business to let them freely see your work.  When you combine these strategies with money-saving incentives, you can potentially reveal your business to repeat customers.  

A foundational client base is needed to maintain a successful business.

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