Finding a Fashion Photography Photo Agent

During your journey of building a career as a fashion photographer, you will need to choose a photo agent. This is an important step in your professional life as this person will represent you and your work. They will need to defend your honor, fight for your rights, and be your best ally. Like any life changing decision, this one should be taken very seriously. It is also important to be prepared before beginning the process. The majority of agents will only invest time with photographers who have experience, knowledge and spent time building an impressive portfolio. Once prepared, you should carefully research a number of agents, contact their available clients, and insure that they are a perfect fit for you.

Establishing Contact

It is extremely important to look for agents who represent other fashion photographers and fashion industry professionals. Make a list of five to ten agents who you feel meet your criteria. Get their current, accurate contact information including mailing address, e-mail address, and direct telephone number. The first initial contact may be made via e-mail, which can be accompanied by a formal business letter containing the same content sent to their e-mail address. In your correspondence, remember to be brief and to the point. Introduce yourself stating immediately that you are a fashion photographer currently in need of an agent.  Include any web site information or links that exhibit a sample of your best work. Conclude your email by requesting a meeting to review your portfolio.

Again, it is best to be brief limiting many personal details which could be discussed during your scheduled meeting. Remember that a response may not be immediate, but this is to be expected from a busy agency. If 48 hours pass without a response, follow up with second email or call the agent directly. If you have not established contact at this point, do not become discouraged. Choose another agent from your list and begin the process again. Your determination and positive attitude will produce positive results.

The First Meeting

When contact has been firmly established and a meeting is scheduled, remember that you are not only selling yourself, you are reviewing their qualifications to insure that you will be properly represented. Make sure they invest the time to look at your portfolio, ask you about your work, your experience, and your goals. Confirm that they are truly interested in building a relationship and supporting your career. Do not be afraid to ask them questions about their clients and what you can expect from your potential relationship. A good agent will be the caretaker of your creativity and your livelihood.

Most importantly, you will need to feel comfortable with your agent and know that they will always protect you and your work. As your career lengthens, your level of experience increases and your portfolio expands it will be much easier to find an agent willing to represent you at your level of comfort. Remember, never settle for less and always protect yourself and your creativity.

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