Final Cut Pro: Understanding the Viewer Window

In Final Cut Pro, the Viewer Window is the screen through which you view the film as you are working on it. You can use the viewer window during the process known as three-point editing, so that you can edit a part of the film, and then click upon it and look at the film in the viewer window. In Final Cut Pro, you are able to take the clip you are working on, and take it from the browser window (where it is being edited), and drop it directly into the view window. This helps to make editing much quicker and also allows you to check for errors and mistakes while you are working on the film.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Movie
  • Mouse

Step 1: Load Your Film

Take the film you wish to use, and import it into the Final Cut Pro window. In order to do this, make sure that you have your film signed to an appropriate place and saved under a suitable name. Open up Final Cut Pro, and then click the edit button to bring the movie into the screen. Once you are there, you can take the clip that you want to work on by running through the timeline. Select the clip, and then pick it up using the mouse. Keep your finger on the mouse button as you carry it over to the viewer window, and then let the button go. You should be able to see the clip in the window, but don't worry if you miss, just pick up the clip again (and pull it over to the window again).

Step 2: Look at the Controls

Above the clip in your viewer window, you will be able to see a number of buttons, menus and so on. In the center of the viewer, you can see the display of the clip you are using. Using the play button will allow you to see the whole of the clip in motion, so you can assess whether you have edited correctly. You can then use the Mark In/Mark Out buttons to stop the clip at a particular frame.

Step 3: The Clip Duration Box

Now look at the Clip Duration Box. This box will show the distance between one Mark In/Out button and another. Before you start editing, the In button is at the very beginning of the frame. You can then note the distance between certain points in the clip, and work on this clip using the three-point editing system. This is basically a drag-and-drop system which allows you to introduce the clip you have marked using the In-Out button onto any part of the clip sequence. If you have a clip of 1 minute, then you can mark a frame of 3 seconds using the In-Out buttons, and then pick this up and transfer it to any part of the clip in the viewer box. This helps with things such as sequencing.

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