Final Cut Pro: Sequence-to-Sequence Editing

If you are looking for a way to complete your editing process, then you should not be intimidated by the fact that Final Cut Pro is used by professionals to give their own work a final finish. One of the ways in which you can do this is by using the sequence to sequence editing tool in Final Cut Pro. This involves moving parts of a sequence from one area to another, and can be necessary when you are working on a piece in order to edit out any mistakes. It is also a good way of merging a clip using Insert, rather than simply overwriting the top.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Sequences
  • Media File

Step 1: Preparing Your Movie

Before you make any big changes to your movie, it is a good idea to save it in a suitable location. If you are using a second hard drive, then save the movie into a location that you can remember, and give it a suitable file name. Then, return to your editing software, and bring a copy of the movie with you. Open up Final Cut Pro, and import the movie. Open it up in the Browser window, and mark out the sequences that you wish to edit.

Step 2: Marking the Sequence

In order to select the sequences that you wish to work with, take the clips that contain them from the Browser window, and place them in the viewer window. This latter window will help you to edit the clips, and you need to mark where you want the sequence being changed to begin and end by using In and Out Markers. These little buttons will set out the duration of the clip. Place the In marker at the beginning of the sequence, and the Out marker at the end, and then carry this over to the timeline window.

Step 3: Editing the Sequence

You should first prepare the sequence which is to take the editing, and then lay it out on the timeline window. Take your next sequence, and place it into the viewer window. You can mark it in the same way using the In and Out points. When you have the part of the clip marked, highlight the sequence using your mouse, and then copy it. You can then lift up the sequence, and place it over the parts in the timeline sequence which you wish to edit. Drag and drop until you have finished editing the clip.

Step 4: Finishing Up

Once you have edited your sequence, you will then need to return it to the rest of your movie. Place it back into the viewer, and open up your entire movie along the bottom. You should be able to see where the sequence should go. Move the playhead until you reach that point, and then drag the clip over to the timeline; insert it into the correct place. Save the movie under a new name, and export back to your second hard drive.

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