Final Cut Pro: How To Zoom In to the Canvas

It's possible to use Final Cut Pro to zoom into the canvas in your video. Final Cut Pro is the most popular video editing application which is used by professionals. The application can be run on Apple computers and is very reliable. Zooming into the canvas can create unique video effects.

Zooming into the canvas is very easy, and it can be accomplished in a few steps by using Final Cut Pro.

Step 1: Setting the Duration

Before you can import the photograph into Final Cut Pro, you will need to set the still duration to the desired length. To change this, click the General tab in the Preferences dialog box. Adjust the still duration to make the still frame longer. Once you have entered this duration, it will become the new default for still frames and photos. A six second duration will be sufficient in most cases, but this can be adjusted if needed.

If you already have your photograph in Final Cut Pro, then you can adjust the duration by holding down control and clicking on the photo. Then, select duration and adjust it as needed.

Step 2: Importing the Photo

Once the duration of the still has been set, you can then put the photo onto the time line. Drag the image down onto the time line, and it should be automatically imported.

Step 3: Setting the Canvas Window

With the photo imported, you now need to set up the canvas window. Set the size to 25%, and set the option to image and wire frame. Click the photograph on the canvas, and set the image and wire frame active. This will create a white wire frame X on top of the canvas, and the picture will have a blue box around it.

Step 4: Zooming

The next step involves zooming the photo to make it larger and also moving the image. The first thing to do is enlarge the photo. Leave the play head on the first frame of the photo clip, and then check that the scale is set to 100% on the motion tab. Click the button which is at the right of the scale box. This is the key frame button and will set the first frame to be a key frame and it will turn green.

Now simply move the play head over to the last frame in the clip. Just check that you're on the last frame. Enlarge the photograph by however much you want to. 400% will work well for most photos.

Step 5: Preview

Hold down option and move the play head through the time line to preview the results of the video. Pressing Option and P will also play the video at a very slow speed.

Step 6: Saving

Once you are happy with the zooming effect, you can then save it and publish it as a video. The video file can be shared on the Internet or put onto a DVD if you prefer. There are also a number of other enhancements which can be used to make your effect look more professional.

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