Fashion Photography Tutorial: 3 Secrets of the Pros

Fashion photography is a very fast paced and exciting photography field. There is nothing better than capturing the perfect shot of a celebrity wearing the latest piece of clothing. Fashion photography is also a very competitive field, so you need to make your photos stand out from the crowd. This guideline will go over a few fashion photography tips.

1. How to Dress Models

In the fashion photography field, how you dress your models depends on the shots that you are taking. If your fashion shoot focuses on clothing, your model should, of course, be wearing the latest clothes. Your model should be wearing make-up, as well, but you need to be sure that the make-up compliments the clothes that your model is wearing.

2. How to Pose Models

Posing models is the key to fashion photography. It doesn't matter how good your model looks if you don't pose your model in the correct manner. When you are taking fashion photography shots, you want to elongate the body length of your model because that gives your photos an edgy look. To do this, use broken down poses and/or poses that call for angular body shapes.

3. Lighting

It is not always possible to hold fashion shoots in a professional photography studio. If you do not have access to a professional photography studio, look for a room that has large windows that let lots of light in. To make a homemade soft box for your photos, simply hang a white sheet over the windows in the room that you are shooting in.