Fashion Photography Schools: What to Look For

Choosing the best educational path is always a challenge, particularly when applied to fashion photography schools. Making this choice is an important component in the direction of your future and career path. Your education should never be taken lightly. There are a number of factors in this process you should consider carefully.

There are many institutions around the country and the world that specialize in photography and related disciplines, so it is important to focus on their level of expertise in the fashion world. Ultimately you will need to determine what your needs are and if a technical school, private instruction or a traditional four year college fits you best. Some colleges and universities may offer the benefits of experienced faculty and the abundance of content and class time. Private facilities or technical schools may be more personal and concentrate on intimate training and mentoring. All are beneficial educational sources but need to match your comfort level of training and expectations.

It is very important to research each school carefully. Reputation is the key ingredient when insuring an accurate education and future employment when you jump into the large sea of fashion. Research the faculty, the facilities and ultimately what they offer in the classroom. Do they educate in concert with the industry? Does the school have an internship program? Are they involved with the fashion industry? Do they offer a work-study program, which allow their students to work in the field with experienced, knowledgeable professionals? Experiencing a day of photography with a seasoned professional while you are immersed in the learning environment will be something you will never forget.

Curriculum should be a priority. For example, you should remember that Portrait photography is the basis of all Fashion photography. Insure that your school of interest offers courses in Portrait, along with other disciplines. Look carefully through the most recent course catalog, speak with the faculty and question some of the students. Are the courses a good fit for you? Do they have a grasp of the newest technologies and techniques? Digital Photography has begun to dominate the market more than ever. Confirm that the institution you choose has a current understanding of the digital realm including the most current photo processing software the world has to offer.

Does the faculty seem interesting and engaging? Were they once successful artists, or professionals who really know the industry and its foundation? If possible, schedule meetings with individual faculty members to discuss course work and ask questions about their careers and professional successes before they chose to be educators. Find out who will be teaching you and, most importantly, what you will be learning. Lastly, does the school promote teamwork and collaboration? Fashion photography is a demanding profession, which requires teamwork, determination, and the sharing of ideas to make it work. Learning how to work within a team of individuals, while mastering patience, and sharpening creativity should be their primary focus. Never settle for less. Choose an educational path that is straight and true and your future as a Fashion Photographer will be bright.

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