Fashion Photography: Making Amateur Models Look Good

There are several things that you can do to make even the most amateur of models look amazing. Some of those ways are listed in this article.

Understand Their Fear

This may be their first time in front of a professional camera. They may be tense, scared or nervous. Although you will not have a great deal of time to get to know your model, use the most of your time. Ask the model if there are any concerns with the shot. Ask the model if there is anything you can do within your power to make the shoot more calm and enjoyable. The more you become this models confidant; the more likely they are to give quality shots. It is easy to see the fear on their face so this step is crucial.

Just Keep Shooting

Do not waste your time attempting to mold the model into a perfect specimen, especially if they are an amateur. Allow the model to move freely in front of the camera. The less you attempt to coach the model, the more relaxed they will be. Tell them to move as they normally would. Concentrate on their facial movement because this will stand out the most in the photo. A distorted face will pop out of the picture and take away from the fashion that is being photographed.

Symmetry is Out

In the modeling world, symmetry is not a factor. Although it used to be a requirement years ago, it looks odd today. A model standing in front of the camera with both arms hanging at either side of the body will make for a boring photo. If one arm is hanging at the side, make sure the model puts one arm on a hip or resting on another object.

Sitting Poses

If your model is sitting down for a photo shoot, do not think that it is alright to slack off. This is where posture and curves matter the most. These sitting poses can be some of the hardest for amateur models because they may be used to contorting their body to get that perfect shot while standing up. If you are sitting down, it is important to put most of your weight on one hip, rather than distributing your weight evenly. If your model rolls one hip up from the ground, shifting the weight will be a breeze. This pose produces a slimming effect that makes for amazing pictures.

Look Away From the Camera

While the camera may be the main focal point of a photo shoot, models should not look at the camera. Having the model look away from the camera with variety in their eye and head positions can be a great way to enhance the quality of a photo. Looking off to the side or tilting your neck to one side can help your model not get distracted with the camera. A model staring at the camera gives the illusion that they know the camera is in front of them. This is the opposite of what you need for a photo shoot.

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