Fashion Photography: How to Direct New Models

New models take some time and patience. They are nervous, tense or just plain scared. Being able to direct these new models will not only earn you a great reputation but it will also provide you with some amazing shots.

Understand Their Fear

Models who are new to the business really want to do a good job. There is nothing scarier than coming into a new career with the boss barking orders five minutes after meeting. You cannot just tell these models what poses to take and how to look. If you come off as not caring, you will permanently scar your relationship with the model and may scar your reputation with other models. New models stick together and they know how to network. A bad name with one model can harm your career and people may talk behind your back. You do not want to be known as the mean photographer.

Be Direct

After you get to know the model, let them know what you expect of them. While you need to be calm and patient, you must also be direct. Do not attempt to sugarcoat their skills if you feel that they are not stepping up. They need direction and crave stability. There may be times where you literally need to take their arm and put it the way that you feel is necessary. They may look stiff if you allow new models to pose the way that they feel is best.

Go Bold

While this may seem like a risky move, be bold and take some shots that are not conventional for new models. Take shots in the rain if the client allows. If you get a few great shots, it will put the new model at ease and increase their confidence. He or she will become more comfortable in these shots and will begin to loosen up, allowing you to take even more great photos. This will also allow the new model to increase their knowledge in the industry and give some emphasis to the ever growing portfolio.

Be Aware of Their Knowledge

New models do not know how to tilt their head a certain way or angle their body in order to elongate the frame. They are so focused on getting the shot right, they forget about their posture and begin to lean forward toward the camera. They may look at the camera without realizing it. Do not make fun of them for not knowing the perfect way to stand or sit. That is why they are new to the business. Knowledge will come with time. Now is the time for getting a number of shots, whether good or bad, and building up the confidence of the model.

Models can be a delicate bunch. They will do anything to please you and will learn quickly if directed the proper way. Taking the time to get to know your models will save you frustration, agony and anger. Building a report with the model will keep them coming back to you for more shoots.

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