Event Photography: Recommendations for Equipment & Set-Up

Event photography is one of the most popular photography businesses today. It not only gives you an opportunity to enjoy great events, it also gives you a great opportunity to maintain or start up a business or career. If you want to enter into the event photography business, you should first stick to the most basic equipment that you need.

Cameras and Laptops

Some event photography businesses require you to have instant photos and videos at the end of the day, which is why you will need to have a laptop and a digital printer at hand. Mostly done at weddings, editing of photos and compilation of videos should be done within the day and presented at the end of the wedding celebration. Because of this, it is necessary to have your own laptop along with editing tools.

Cameras can be bought for a few hundred dollars but if you want to enter the event photography business, it is necessary to have top of the line DSLR cameras which cost more than $3,000. Not only that, an event photography business requires people to have a lot of cameras and photographers during the event, which makes it quite costly. Don’t worry, though, because it will definitely pay off.

Stands, Handles and Lights

Being in the event photography business means that you are being trusted to capture all the precious moments of an event. That’s the reason why you should have the proper accessories to make your photos look more beautiful. Having stands and handles will allow you to capture steady and straight shots. Having the lights ensures that wherever you are taking pictures, you will not get a bad shot because of lack of lighting.