Essential Photography Equipment for Studio Use

Planning a photo studio is very enjoyable, but there are certain pieces of photography equipment that you need to buy. Choosing the equipment which you need can be very difficult at times. Read on to learn how to choose cameras, lenses, flash guns and more.

Step 1 - Choosing a Camera

There are lots of different types of cameras out there, and choosing the right one can be a little difficult. It's important to spend time choosing a professional camera that has all the features you need. A compact point-and-shoot camera is great for taking out and about with your family, but for professional jobs, this just won't suffice. Instead, invest in a digital SLR camera. These cameras have changeable lenses, which makes it possible to swap lenses for different situations. Digital SLR cameras also have manual modes, which makes it possible to gain much more control over your camera and the types of photos that you are taking.

Step 2 - Choosing Lenses

After the camera the second most important thing is the lenses. You can have a fantastic camera but if the lens isn't very good then this will still produce poor photos. You need to choose a good lens which won't disappoint you or your customers. Make sure that the lens is compatible with your camera mount and that it's just what you need.

Step 3 - Flash Guns

The built-in flash on your camera might be useful sometimes, but in a studio setting, it just won't work properly. The flash will produce a light that is much too harsh, which will affect the quality of the image. To stop this from being a problem, buy an external flash gun. Many of these use reflectors to distribute the light evenly around the room. You need to choose a flash gun which can sync with your camera to ensure the flash and the shutter are both in time with one another.

Step 4 - Memory Cards

Memory cards are a must as these are what the camera uses to store photos. Make sure that you have plenty of large memory cards so that you will always have enough space to fit thousands of images on.

Step 5 - Backdrops

All photo studios need to have backdrops so that the photos look interesting. These will be quite expensive since they can only be brought from specialist outlets. You will need to make sure that the backdrops you are using will look good on film. Also make sure that you have some way of storing and displaying them.

Step 6 - Printer

If you want to print the photos out, then you will need some form of professional photo printer. These can be quite costly however it will allow you to offer your customers a complete package deal.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: