Essential Photography Equipment for Amateurs

Even if you're not a professional, there are certain pieces of photography equipment that you should consider buying. When choosing the best pieces for your needs, do plenty of research by looking on the Internet and in photography trade magazines.


All photography amateurs need to have a reliable camera to take lots of photos. There are many different types of cameras available. You can either choose a SLR or compact camera. Compact cameras have less features but are much smaller and lighter. An SLR camera has many more features however is much bulkier and more difficult to carry.

When choosing your camera you should think about whether or not there is any chance of you becoming a professional photographer. If there is then it's worthwhile investing in a slightly more expensive DSLR camera. Compact cameras are great for amateur point and shoot use, however they do lack many of the more advanced features.

Memory Cards

You now need to choose memory cards which are compatible with your camera. There are two main types of memory card still used for digital cameras, these are Compact Flash and SD cards although there are also some other alternatives used by different brands. If you want to be able to take lots of photos then you will need to choose a high capacity memory card so that you don't waste time swapping cards over.

Most memory cards are very affordable now. You might also want to buy a memory card reader so that you can put the digital cameras memory card into your computer without having to connect it to your computer with a lead. This also makes it possible to rotate the memory cards.


If you're going out and about for a long time then you will need to get yourself some batteries. Most high end cameras use rechargeable batteries. It's a good idea to purchase a spare battery and keep it fully charged in case you ever run out of juice. This will make it possible to shoot for longer.


All cameras are very expensive and that's why many people will pay extra to buy a case and camera bag. These may seem like pieces of equipment which aren't necessary however these really do help to protect your camera from knocks and scrapes. Cameras will last you for many years to come if they are looked after properly and carefully. Choose a case that fits your camera snugly so that it protects your camera to the best of its ability.


Tripods are very useful stands for cameras as this provides a completely flat base to mount a camera on. The camera can be screwed onto this base which will make your photos much higher quality. Tripods are essential if you are considering using the self timer function on your camera.

Popular P&S Cameras for High Quality Photos: