Education Photography Jobs

There are a lot of photography jobs out there and most of them are very competitive with long hours and sometimes low pay. That being said education photography jobs are highly desired by a lot of people because they offer a stable income, decent hours, great benefits and allow the worker to still be working with their passion of photography. Of course not everyone off the street can get a job in photography education. There are some qualifications that you need to meet.

Have an Impressive Career

The most illustrious photography jobs at the best universities are reserved for the photographers who've had impressive careers. After all, having a teacher with impressive credentials is going to attract students to go there. Why would someone with an impressive career in the business want to go teach? Well it's probably for the same reasons that you do. A steady paycheck and stable hours. 

Meet the Academic Qualifications

Although you don't need college degrees to be a great photographer, most colleges require their faculty to meet certain academic qualifications in order to work there. You may need a masters degree or even a PHD to teach photography or art history as full time staff. Part time staff might just be required to only have a bachelor's degree or professional experience. Of course, if you're a world famous big name photographer that can draw students these requirements probably won't apply to you.

If you want to teach photography in a public high school then you will probably need to meet some kind of state certification. If you're going to teach in a private high school then they can hire anyone they want. Regardless of whether you're in public or private schools you're going to find yourself teaching more art classes than just photography itself. 

Be a Jack of All Trades

Having the academic qualifications and real world experience sometimes isn't enough. Schools want to hire staff who have a broad range of experience in photography. The more you know then the more classes you can teach. The more classes that the school can offer translates into the more students that are interested in going there.

Be Willing to Relocate

All the photography teaching jobs in New York City might be filled but there might be a school in Montana that wants to hire someone. If you're passionate about teaching photography then you should be willing to relocate where the work is.

Teach Adult Education Courses

If you're not sure if an education career is right for you then try looking for an adult education class that you can teach. These jobs pay very little but the experience here will let you know if a career teaching photography is right for you.