Editing Black and White Art Photography in Photoshop

Anyone who is serious about becoming a professional photographer will need to learn how to touch up and edit black and white art photography. Black and white photography might seem simple at first. However, the techniques are actually just as difficult as when working with color photos. Creating an interesting photo that draws the viewer in is much more difficult without any color.

As photoshop is the photo editing application of choice, you need to learn how to use it. Photoshop offers a numebr of photo editing tools which can be used to touch up black and white photos.

Step 1: Converting Color Photos

If you have taken a color photo, then it certainly doesn't mean that it has to stay that way. Actually, it's fairly easy to use Photoshop to convert it to a black and white image. To do this, open up photoshop and load your image. Then, click on the Image layer and select the adjustments option. Clicking on Black and White will open a new dialog box where you can control all of the different colors in the image. This makes it possible to emphasise different channels in the photo and highlight them.

Step 2: Performing Touchups

Many of the same tools that you use in color photography can also be used with a black and white photo. If there are elements in the photo that you want to remove, such as scratches, then these can be removed using the heal tool. Bigger areas can be fixed by using the clone tool.

Step 3: Colorizing

Another great feature is adding color to a black and white photo. This makes a certain part of your photo stand out. To do this, open the photo and then create a new layer over the top. Then, use the magnetic lasso tool to select parts of your image. New colors can then be applied all over your image.