DVD Studio Pro: Creating Menus with Overlays

DVD Studio Pro has the ability to create a large variety of menus, including menus with overlays. You are able to create overlays for background art too. These overlays will transfer straight to your DVD project. This makes for an easy import. Follow the step-by-step guide listed below to perform this task.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Photoshop document

Step 1: Create Document

Create a new Photo-shop document and choose the preset labeled "NTSC DV 720x480". Once you see the pixel ratio aspect warning, click on OK. 

Step 2: Launch Studio Pro

Launch your DVD Studio Pro program. The default settings should cause the new project to automatically open. 

Step 3: Import the Photoshop File

At the top of the page, there will be a tab labeled Assets. Click Assets, then click on Import. Once you have found the Photo-shop file, click on Import in the window. This should make your file appear the tab Assets.

Step 4: Add the Layered Menu

Click Graphical tab and choose the Menu option. You will then select Delete, which will remove the Menu option. From the tool bar, click on the Add Layered Menu. This will allow the new menu to appear. You will click on it to choose it. 

Step 5: Menu Controls

When you choose the new menu, you will see its controls displayed by the menu editor. Click on the tab General and select Background drop down menu. Once there, you will click on your Photo-shop file. You will put a check mark in the background layer box, and deselect all the rest of the boxes that are checked. 

Step 6: Create Buttons

Click on the menu tab to create the DVD Pro button area. You will place these around your Photo-shop buttons by simply clicking them and dragging them. The Bounding box will allow you to shift these areas as well as re-size them.

Step 7: Selecting the Layers

To allow the menu editor to display the controls, click on one of the button areas and select it. Under the Layers tab, you will choose the right layer for each of the buttons in each state.

Step 8: Previewing Your Menu Using the Simulator

On the background image of the menu, you will hold down the Control button while clicking image. Next, you will click on the Simulate Menu so you can preview the menu. 

Step 9: Configure the Menu for Use

Configure all of your buttons so that your menu can be connected to your other items. 

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