Does F-Stop Affect Photography Lighting?

Does F-stop affect photography lighting? The answer is yes.

What is F-Stop?

F-Stop, also known as aperture, is a hole or opening in the lens that allows photography lighting to travel through it. A low numbered f stop, like a 1.4, has the aperture opened wide allowing lots of light in while an f 11 keeps the opening very small. For example, shooting in a fairly dark area requires f1.4 and shooting outside on a sunny day would require an f11. It's important to have the proper exposure when shooting. An over exposed image looks white and washed out while an under exposed image is dark and black. 

Lighting Objectives Regarding Exposure

Since F-Stop is the equivalent of exposure your lighting should be dependent on it. One of your prime objectives when lighting a shot is to match exposures so the image looks even and natural.  

Controlling Exposures

Some lighting can't be controlled with just an f stop alone. For instance, shooting inside a conference room on top of a sky scrapper on a sunny day will either make the room look nicely exposed with the windows blown out or have a nice view outside the windows with a dark room. You can add tints to the window to solve this dilemma.

F-Stop and lighting have a relationship that affects each other. Too much light, then lower the F-Stop. Too little light you lower the f- stop. If you want a grainy image you open the aperture all the way and use low levels of light. if you want a crisp, sharp look then pick a stop that's towards the closed side.

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