Do You Need Professional Camera Equipment?

If you're trying to become a professional photographer then you need professional camera equipment. This term refers to the tools you need to get the job done right.

Lenses and Lights

You need a high resolution digital camera with lenses. The higher the resolution and the more manual control you have over the image the better.

Lights need to be safe to power and safe in terms of gravity. That means they won't fall down and kill anyone. You want to have enough lights to manipulate the image to your liking. You should also have an assortment of gels and some bounce card standing by.

Appearances Matter

When you're hired for a job, it's because the client likes the work in your portfolio. Odds are they don't know much about photography equipment, but they have their ideas. They're paying you professional rates and are going to be unsettled with old beat up equipment or a tiny consumer camera. Don't look like an amateur.

You're Only as Good as Your Tools

As a professional, you need to impress your clients. Your images need to look amazing, and there are a lot of factors to control. If you're missing tools, your images will suffer, along with you reputation.

What to Start With

Get yourself a good camera and a decent set of lenses. Get a basic lighting kit along with gels, bounce cards and duvatene to block unwanted light. Find out as much details you can about the job you're going to do and visit the location.

Prepare to succeed. See what you need to do and if the equipment you have can get it done. If not, you might have to rent something extra. That is okay as long as you have it prior to the shoot instead of wasting the clients' time waiting for it to arrive.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: