Do You Need a Script for a Web Show?

Web shows are changing the entertainment world down to the very idea of a script. There are as many ways to go about shooting a web show as there are different kinds of content.

Scripted Shows

Many web shows still follow conventional formats, where everything is scripted and performed as it is written. This works as well as it did in any other medium. The trouble is that there are many videos on the web that are all trying to get attention over the others. So, if you do go the scripted route, it really needs to have something that will make it stand out above all the rest. The normal genre for Internet shows is comedy. As we move forward, comedy is becoming more and more improvisational. It is relying heavily on the actors to create the humor on the spot. If you do not have skilled comedic actors, then you should leave the writing up to yourself.

Improvised Shows

In the case where you have an excellent cast of comedic actors, you may feel the urge to leave the scene completely in their hilarious hands. However, you cannot simply push a bunch of people onto a set and tell them to be funny. You will still need some sort of guide to tell them where the scene begins, where the conflict comes from, and how it should conclude. This does not need to be a script. An informal outline will do just fine. The director should help the actors find their characters point of view so that the spontaneity does not drown out any sense of reason. Improvised comedy always has the risk of becoming a jumble of unresolved jokes. It also has the potential to become extremely long and drawn out. Though there is no script, keep your actors on track from point A to point B.

Loose Scripts

The way that most web shows are working is through a mix of the two above methods. You should write a script. In improvised shows, you need a guide, so why not let it be a script. This way you as a writer can have some control over how the scene will play out. But, then you can also allow your actors to drift around the lines and create their own nuances to enhance what has already been created. This way you can maintain the spontaneous feel that is so appealing about improvisation without letting it get out of hand. Collaboration is key to creating a strong product, and this mixing of methods opens the doors for plenty of input. Of course this too can turn into a mess of opinions, but as long as someone stays in control, you should be able to achieve something better than you expected.

The Internet is changing the entire industry and it is best to embrace it rather than fight it. Find a way to alter your methods and attempt a web show.

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