Displaying Your Framed Art Photography

Framed art photography is a great way to get your photos off your computer. Once your photos are liberated from your computer, they can then they can then be displayed somewhere where everyone can enjoy them.

Printing Photos

The first step is to get the photos off your computer. They can be printed using a photo printer or alternatively taken to a photo developing lab. If you are looking for a long lasting photographic print, then it's probably easiest to visit your photo lab. Once the photos are printed, keep them safe until you get chance to frame them.

Framing Photos

Once the photo is printed out, it can then be mounted inside of your frame. Take the frame apart and make sure that the front sheet of glass is perfectly clean and free from fingerprints on the inside. Then, the photo can be put into the frame. If you are using a photo mount with the frame, then you might find it easy to work with some spray adhesive. The spray adhesive will hold the photo in place while it is framed.

Hanging Photos

Once the photo is framed, it can then be put on the table or hung on the wall. Hanging your photos on the wall is easy by hammering a nail or screwing a hook into the wall. The photo can then be hooked in place. You will then need to ensure that the photo is perfectly level.

Photos are a great way of remembering the important moments in your life. They should be unleashed and shouldn't stay on your computer.