Digital Wedding Photography: The Differences

There are a number of advantages to using digital wedding photography rather than taking pictures with a traditional film camera. Using a digital technology is generally simple and inexpensive, and this type of camera makes it possible to review the photos as you are taking them. If you are considering becoming a wedding photographer, learn about the differences between digital and standard cameras and photography styles.

The Camera

It is very important that you choose a high quality camera which will take good photos. There are lots of different types of digital cameras available and you will need to choose between these. It is possible to buy 35mm cameras still, however you should be looking to purchase a digital camera.

There's no point buying a compact digital camera because these are not professional enough and do not feature the right features. Instead it's better to purchase a digital SLR camera. These digital SLR cameras are much more powerful and have many more advanced features. It can however be very expensive to buy these cameras, they can cost over $700.

Digital SLR cameras allow you to see the exact image through the viewfinder before taking the photo. This means that you will be able to see the complete image as it will be captured by the camera.

In a compact camera you will look through a different lens to the one used to take the photo. This means that the image will be from an ever so slightly different perspective.

Differences between Film and Digital

Digital cameras record their photos onto digital memory cards which are actually a type of computer disk. These can be reused over and over again. A conventional film camera takes photos by exposing light to light sensitive film. This film cannot be used again which can be expensive. A digital camera gives you the advantage of being able to take lots of photos and then choosing which ones get printed.

Printing Digital Wedding Photography

Digital photos do not need to be developed in the same way that a film does. They simply need to be fed into a computer where they can be edited for a variety of things. Enlargements and many other procedures can be carried out using your computer. The images can then be burnt onto a DVD or printed onto a wide range of different surfaces.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: