Compressor: How To Use Markers

There are a number of different markers which you can use on your audio and visual Compressor software. You can use these types of markers to influence how you negotiate around the film. For example, you may choose to use a Chapter marker to help you divide up your DVD into different sections, which will help you negotiate your way around the file. Compression markers allow you to encode your video more quickly, and can be placed inside the film to help with transitions and other parts of the DVD. Using these markers can be a great way of improving your video encoding.

Materials Needed

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Computer
  • Video file

Step 1: Prepare Your File

Before you can begin using the markers, you should make sure that your file is completely edited. You will not be able to change the file once the chapter markers are in, so it is a good idea to check that your video is well edited before you begin to add the markets. When the file is fully edited, save it to the desktop under a suitable name, so that you can easily extract it. Open up the file, and begin the video. Move the playhead to the time where you want the first marker to be placed.

Step 2: Use the Markers

When the playhead has been correctly positioned, press the M key twice. This will prompt a Marker icon to appear on the timeline, and also open up the dialog box which allows you to edit the markers. The Edit marker box will have a default name such as Marker 1. Before you do anything else, you should change this name to one that you will be able to use to locate a part of the film. Next, click on the button which is marked Add Chapter Marker.

Step 3: Save the Chapter

When you have saved the  chapter marker, you should then save the file. You can do this by exporting the film to a video player such as Quick Time. Go to File, and click Export. You will then be able to choose the Quick Time display. This will lead you to a Save dialog. This box will have a pull down section, which will allow you to choose the type of Marker which you wish to use. You can use Chapter Markers for some kinds of video encoding, or Compression Markers. Click a suitable tab to save the Markers.

Step 4: Using Other Markers

Once you know how to use chapter markers, you can use similar methods to manage other types of markers, such as the Compressor marker, which will make the large movie files into smaller ones which can be fitted onto a DVD file. The Marker serves as an encoder, and all you have to do is save your markers under the Compression Markers tab. This will put a particular type of signal at the end of each end of your file, which will then instruct the computer to compress the file while it is being saved.

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